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Erin Vice

Regional Operations Leader
Erin Vice is a Regional Operations Leader with Wave Dental Professionals. Erin is responsible for overseeing the hiring, training, and performance of office managers, dental assistants, and administrative staff. She helps monitor quality assurance programs to maintain high standards of patient care and satisfaction. Erin facilitates effective communication between the corporate office and individual practices, as well as among staff within the region. She addresses operational challenges that arise within individual practices.
Erin facilitates open communication and collaboration among practice managers, dental staff, and corporate leadership to ensure alignment with organizational goals and objectives. She works to develop and implement strategic plans for growth and improvement of dental services in the region. Overall, Erin works to ensure that all dental practices in the region operate efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with industry standards and regulations, while also striving for continuous improvement and growth.
Erin started her career in the dental field in 2020 and has worked her way through different positions within Wave Dental Professionals. Erin is married and has two children. Her hobbies include boating, gardening, and painting. Erin has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Northern Arizona University.