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Kattie Kikendall

Corporate Trainer

Kattie is a dedicated corporate dental trainer with a proven track record of excellence in dental education and professional development. With 17 years of experience in the dental industry, Kattie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their role.

As a passionate advocate for dental health and patient care, Kattie is committed to equipping dental professionals with the latest industry trends, techniques, and best practices. She specializes in designing and delivering comprehensive training programs tailored to the specific needs of dental practices and organizations.

Kattie is known for her engaging and interactive training style, which incorporates hands-on learning experiences, case studies, and practical exercises. They understand the importance of continuous learning in the rapidly evolving field of dentistry and strive to empower dental teams with the skills and confidence they need to deliver exceptional patient care.

Throughout her career, Kattie has collaborated with leading dental companies and organizations to develop customized training solutions that drive practice growth and enhance clinical outcomes. She has a deep understanding of dental procedures, technologies, and compliance requirements, ensuring that their training programs are both relevant and impactful.

Outside of her role as a corporate dental trainer, Kattie loves spending time with her children Anthony and Mackenzie. She enjoys traveling and watching home makeover shows.