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Rachel Rangel

Rachel Rangel

Call Center Supervisor

Rachel Rangel is the Call Center Supervisor for Wave Dental Professionals, where she oversees the daily operations of the call center, including staffing, training, and performance management. She leads a dynamic team of schedulers, ensuring the delivery of exceptional customer service and patient care. Rachel believes in the importance of clear communication and empathy when interacting with patients, and works closely with the call center team to ensure that every interaction is handled with professionalism, courtesy, and compassion.

She is dedicated to continuously improving call center operations and processes to better serve patients by implementing innovative strategies and leveraging the latest technology to enhance the overall patient experience and foster strong relationships with dental practices.

Rachel started her career in the dental field in 2020 at Wave Dental Professionals as a scheduler and has worked her way through various roles. She holds an associate’s degree in both Biology and Art from San Antonio College. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys attending San Antonio Spurs games with her family and going on hikes with her dog Kya. She also enjoys visiting her little sister Celine in Florida and exploring new beaches and natural springs.